The perils of going Commando in your Zentai suit


So you want to go commando? Well you better think really hard, the hazards are real, the perils great, the humiliation can last a lifetime. What would Spiderman, Superman or Captain America do?


Some common reasons why.

1)    It just feels naughty

2)     You love the freedom

3)    You hate panty lines


Some pitfalls to avoid.

1)    When the Zentai fabric stretches out it can become shear!! Giving a free unintended peep show. Of course this can lead in your favor. Its a great ice breaker and way to get free drinks.


2)    Are you aman or woman with large expressive nipples? Well when it’s cold everyone will know!!



3)    Be careful with Silk Zentai “it’s like a cheap whore, yes it feels good but it loves crack!!” Be ready to keep pulling your suit out of your butt crack all night long.


4)    Beware the dreaded “Camel Toe” or its male counterpart “MooseKnuckle” this is a major problem with Zentai and cosplay costumes in general.



5)    How’s your grooming?  Are you manscaping? Sporting the “Retro Bush” ? If you’re going commando better beware,  if you have a birds nest in your pants everyone will know!! What’s even worse is that sometimes if the fabric is stretched out that some pubes can poke though. Do you think that Wonder Woman would have an unkempt monster bush crawling out to say “Hi!” for the world to see?


To find your own Zentai suit please goto:

Zentai for Dummies part I


Your probably have seen or heard of one, but what exactly is a Zentai suit? It goes by many names, Morph suit, body sock, but it’s all the same thing. The word Zen-Tai (ゼンタイ) is a Japanese term meaning – skin tight clothing that covers the entire body. The word literally translates to “full body tights.” Zentai suits are made from stretchy form fitting fabrics, typically lycra/spandex blends, but they may also be made from other materials such as cotton, wool or nylon. What really sets the suits apart from other forms of body stocking is the fact that the entire face, hands and feet are all covered. In the superhero world, the best example is Spiderman wears a Zentai style suit.

Tips for Zen Mastery and things you need to know before you buy your suit.

  • Your eyes and face are covered!!! Depending on the fabric it may be hard for you to see. Do you love shiny things and fantasize yourself all metallic and sexy, glimmering in the sun? Well guess what? The Metallic colored fabrics are notorious for being hard to see through.
  • Vinyl looks really cool but it’s more for the hardcore or fetish masters, it doesn’t breath and you will sweat, and after a while you will ferment, bacteria will grow, and strange and unusual smells will emanate from you nether orifices.
  • Typically the sizes are Asian sizes. Don’t get all upset. You might be a size 7 in the US and considered thin but your huge in China!! Massive!! Don’t worry, a lot of Chinese girls are the size of 12 year old boys and would wear a size 0.
  • A Zentai suit can help your figure, some of the tighter, firmer fabrics can help suck in the fat, you can think of it like body spanx.
  • Where are you going to put your wallet and other personal items?? Women have a purse but what if you’re a dude?  Well you have 2 choices and neither is great, the Murse or Man-Purse . . . . or  you rock a fanny pack. Wearing a Zentai suit with a matching Fanny pack . . . now that’s a fashion statement.

Look for more hints in part 2 of Zentai for Dummies